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Sahaja Cardamom


Cardamom is a spice made from the seed pods of various plants in the ginger family. Cardamom seeds or pods are chewed to refresh the breath. This is because cardamom might be able to kill common mouth bacteria and prevent cavities. Sahaja Cardamom is procured directly from the farmers' cooperatives. It is healthy, nutritious, 100% organic and free from chemical pesticides.

Nutritional values - For a serving size of 100 gms, it has fat 2.6 mg, protein 8.1 mg, carbohydrates 47.76 mg, fiber 23.1 mg, iron 8.33 mg, calcium 374 mg, cholesterol 33.75 and energy 255.01 mg

Health benefits - It acts as a digestive aid. It is an ancient remedy that may have many medicinal properties. It may lower blood pressure most likely due to its antioxidant and diuretic properties., improve breathing and aid weight loss. The antioxidant compounds in cardamom may help protect cells from damage and slow down and prevent inflammation in your body.

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