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Sahaja Spinach (Palak or Palakoora) is procured directly from our farmers. It is grown without chemical pesticides. Thus, Healthy, Nutritious and 100% Organic.

Health benefits and nutritional values - Palak or Spinach is a good source of Iron, insoluble fiber. It is good for eyes, is anti-inflammatory, aids in weight loss. It is rich in vitamin C and A. It makes the bones strong, helps body to produce new Red Blood Cells, improves heart health, controls blood pressure. It is a good source of zinc helping immunity levels. It also helps balance cholesterol levels, repair damaged skin, and keeps hair shiny and healthy.

In the kitchen - It is a very popular leafy vegetable and used to prepare some common and famous dishes like Palak Paneer, Palak Rice, Palak Mutter (Green Peas), etc. It goes well with Potato. It is also grounded to puree form and used in Rice or curry form.

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