Menthi Leaves

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Sahaja Menthi Koora (Telugu)/ Methi leaves (Hindi) or Fenugreek leaves (English) is procured directly from farmers' cooperatives. It is healthy, 100% organic i.e. grown without using chemical pesticides and 100% GMO free.

Nutritional Values - Methi or Fenugreek leaves have a variety of nutrients that are important for health having Vitamin A, C, K, calcium, B-Complex vitamins like Folate, Riboflavin. They also contain manic anti-oxidants.

Health Benefits - These aromatic, bitter leaves can instantly enhance the flavour of any food and are used in many cuisines, particularly Indian. They treat gastric issues and intestinal problems, cure respiratory problems, keeps cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check. It's good for skin also like blemishes, stubborn spots, pimples. One can prepare fenugreek paste with the leaves and water and apply it on hair and help it protect from any kind of damage. It cures anemia, deals with heart problems, assist in weight loss.

In the kitchen - In the Indian kitchens, it is made into a dal or a curry or some prepare Methi Rice also.

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