Sahaja Herbal Tooth Powder -100 gms

Item Code: HCHTP100

Herbal Tooth Powder, a Sahaja Oushadi natural herbal product, is useful in strengthening of the gums, teeth and stops bad breath.

Ingredients with health benefits - It contains many natural ingredients like mango, guava, basil, dry ginger, cardamom, ajwain, cloves, salt, pepper, bahaar (a herb used in skin diseases, eye problems, thirst, piles, worms, etc.) and babul (another herb used mainly for skin treatment, diabetes, bleeding disorders and intestinal worms), akarakara (also known as pellitory root that helps in toothache, common cold, impotency, erectile dysfunction, epilepsy, seizures).

Has NO artificial ingredients and is 100% natural. Consult your doctor before using it.

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