Sahaja Cashew Nuts


Cashew Nuts are single Whitish seed of the fruit Cashew Apple, surrounded with a double shell. Sahaja Cashew Nuts are procured directly from our farmers' cooperative. It is healthy, nutritious, 100% organic and grown without using chemical pesticides. Add health to your life!

Nutritional values - Good source of Magnesium, vitamins, dietary fibre, carbohydrates, nutrients and antioxidants. For a serving size of 100 gms, it has the following nutrition facts - fat 45.2 mg, protein 18.78 mg, carbohydrates 25.46 mg, fiber 3.86 mg, iron 5.95 mg, calcium 34 mg, cholesterol 23.23 mg and energy 2438 mg.

Health benefits - Lowers bad cholesterol and blood pressure, make bones strong, great energy source, maintains weight, good for eye health. Good for health is consumed in moderation.

Cooking tips - It is used for garnishing sweets or curries, cocktail snack and also is used in baked dishes. Roast them and savour it with salt or chocolate. It is mildly sweety in flavour, buttery texture, cream white in colour.

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